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Here at Viper Tactical we have been involved in the outdoor market for over 25 years, so we have the experience, the knowledge, the resources and the feedback to offer you a fantastic product range manufactured using quality materials at affordable prices.

  • VX Buckle Up System

    The importance of versatility in the military equipment cannot be underestimated. We created the VX Buckle Up System for those who need to change their loadout quickly and also be able to fully customize the kit according to their needs. We constantly update and add items to the VX Buckle Up range to make sure we can deliver relevant products to the ever growing military market.

    For more information please visit the TECHNOLOGY page.

  • Viper Camouflage

    With so many camouflage variations available on the market today, here at Viper Tactical we have developed two bespoke camo patterns. The V-Cam and V-Cam Black are based on the most popular camouflage patterns used in the Armed Forces around the world.

  • Not just the gear
    We proud ourselves to deliver not only high quality gear, but also full range of clothing suited for any tactical operations. Our clothing range consists of many types of hoodies, t-shirts, tops, trousers and gloves in various colours and camos. Whatever you need, we got you covered!

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